The Home Fund

Safe & Affordable Housing for All Olympians

Everyone deserves access to a safe and secure home. Despite our progress in revitalizing downtown Olympia, we still have a housing crisis. Many of the most vulnerable people in our community find themselves without a safe place to call home.

Who are some of OLYMPIA’S most vulnerable citizens?

People With Disabilities

As rents increase and institutional care declines, people who live with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and other disabilities often experience homelessness. The Home Fund will create opportunities for our neighbors with disabilities to live with dignity & independence in homes they can afford. Supportive services provided on site will assist them to achieve stability and security in their homes.

Struggling Families

Parents, particularly single parents, who live with disabilities struggle to pay rent & have enough money for other necessities. Homelessness among vulnerable families affects the health, wellbeing, and education of their children. The Home Fund will build homes that are affordable to families on fixed incomes.

Young People

Youth who have aged out of foster care, young LGBTQ people, and young people with disabilities face incredible danger when they experience homelessness. The Home Fund will give these young people a chance to succeed by offering homes they can afford and services to help them achieve independence.

Home Fund Facts

When vulnerable households experience homelessness, they get sick more often and face greater and more extreme crises. The Home Fund will save taxpayer dollars by reducing the impact on overburdened emergency services. It is literally cheaper to end homelessness than to leave people on the streets. One study from Seattle puts the savings at nearly $2,500 per month per person served in supportive housing.

  • The Home Fund will build and maintain at least 350 affordable homes in the first ten years
  • The homes will serve Olympia’s most vulnerable households
  • This proposal will funded by a one-tenth of 1% sales tax increase - your pennies can build homes!

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Every person deserves a safe place to call home.

Vote YES this February!