The Home Fund

Safe & Secure Housing for All Olympians

Everyone deserves a safe place to call home. Despite our progress in revitalizing downtown Olympia, we still have a homelessness crisis that requires action. Homelessness affects not only those experiencing it, but also our downtown businesses, city resources and public safety.

The Home Fund is a cost effective, data driven and compassionate funding proposal to drastically reduce homelessness through the creation of safe and secure affordable housing for the most vulnerable members of our community so they have a place to call home. By investing local dollars, a sales tax will target the greatest needs and leverage significant private, state and federal funds to house the most vulnerable.

Providing affordable housing to the most vulnerable members of our community creates cost savings for publicly funded systems and supports economic development. When vulnerable households become homeless they are frequent users of hospitals, psychiatric units, law enforcement, criminal justice and emergency systems.

The proposal would generate $2.1 Million per year in direct funds and create 250 new units of housing over the first 7 years. 


Action Annual Investment Impact Made
Sales Tax Funds will provide afford able housing units, rent assistance, and support services.

$2.1 Million per year in direct revenue collected.

$4.2 Million in annually leveraged State, Federal and other funding.

250 permanent units created with more than 1,200 households served over the first 7 years.


Figures and assumptions based on Olympia 

Proposes to increase Sales Tax by one-tenth of 1% (.1%) 

  • This would raise Olympia's sales tax to match the same rate as Tumwater and Lacey

Proposed funding matrix 

  • 72% capital for housing units
  • 15% operation & support services
  • 8% administration
  • 5% rent assistance

Operating and support services

Nonprofit providers with capacity to operate units and provide services include:
Behavioral Health Resources, Community Youth Services, Catholic Community Services, Interfaith Works, Family Support Center, Homes First, SideWalk, Panza, The Housing Authority of Thurston County and Low Income Housing Institute

  • Additional operating and support services funding could include document recording fee, tenant rent assistance and fundraising